Car dismantling machine

Car dismantling machine
Car dismantling machine

Product features of car dismantling machine

1. The car dismantling machine uses special steel, which has the advantages of high toughness and high wear resistance.

2. Imported balanced valve motor with buffer and brake functions;

3. Using high-strength slewing support device, the operator can control the rotation speed and rotate freely 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise;

4. Install the hydraulic acceleration valve, the power of the cylinder is greater, and the use of hydraulic oil is more reasonable

5. Thick hydraulic cylinder design, larger shearing clamping force

6. Adopt eagle-bill type mechanical structure, with large shearing force and high efficiency

7. Large opening design, easy and convenient work

8. Dedicated to scrap car dismantling and other related renewable resource industries

9. The product can be rotated and fixed, customers can choose a variety of customization

Product parameters

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