Hydraulic pile driver sometimes has some problems. What causes this?

Can only move forward, not backward

First check whether the working pressure indicated by the speed regulation barometer of the hydraulic pile driver is normal. If the working pressure of the reverse gear is reduced, it will be confirmed that there is too much oil leakage in the reverse gear, and the gearbox must be lifted out for all disassembly inspections. Remove the reverse piston rod, replace the engine piston, check the damage of the friction plate, you can replace the more damaged friction plate, adjust the reverse gear gap to 1.5-2.9 mm again; if the reverse gear does not lower blood pressure, confirm the forward Blocked. The reverse gear cannot be driven due to the slip of the reverse friction plate. The gearbox must be lifted out and disassembled to check whether the isolation ring on the ring gear in the first gear is broken. Because the broken piece can block the first friction plate, the reverse friction plate slips and does not work, which results in that it can only move forward but not backward. The isolation ring can be removed and replaced with a new one to eliminate it.


Driver of hydraulic pile driver is weak

(1) Check the remaining oil limit switch valve next to the gearbox, and add new oil when the oil is low.

(2) If all the remaining oil is normal, check the speed regulation barometer. If the barometer shakes strongly, it means that the supplied oil is not enough, you can check whether the oil pipeline is blocked, whether the inner layer of the rubber hose is foaming due to aging, whether the torque converter filter is clean, and the filter The core is not clean. If it is the above problem, clean and flush the blocked conduit and filter element with compressed air several times until it is clear before using. The blistering rubber hose must be replaced.

The transmission working pressure is all normal, and the first and reverse gears are not allowed to drive. Only the second gear can be driven normally.

Most of the problems that cause this kind of failure are because the gear is shifted immediately without stepping on the brake pedal, and the first and reverse gear connection discs in the gearbox are broken so that the driving force cannot be transmitted. The second gear is directly splined to the sun gear, and the power can be transmitted directly, so the second gear can drive.