How to detect the failure of excavator hydraulic wood grabber circuit

What should I do if the excavator's hydraulic wood grab does not catch fire? You may encounter various problems while driving the excavator. There are many causes of excavator fires, most of which are caused by electrical circuits. So how to judge that the circuit is not on fire?

Ignition caused by a circuit failure is not mainly manifested in the slow response of the ignition switch or the low speed of the starter motor, which will cause weakness. If these two phenomena are not on fire, then it can be roughly judged that the startup circuit is faulty. So how to troubleshoot the fault?

Check the battery head

Checking the circuit can start with the power supply. First, check the battery pile head, clean the battery pile head, and then tighten the screw on the pile head. Many cars are caused by loose battery pile heads, causing poor contact and insufficient voltage. If possible, the owner can use a multimeter voltage range to measure the battery voltage.

If the battery is not bad, the next step is to check the circuit. Walk along the battery circuit to see if any wires are broken or loosely connected.

2. Check the relay box safety box

The next step is to check the start relay and fuse box, open the relay box to check if the connector is loose, and then open the fuse box to check if the start circuit fuse is burned out.

Of course, a malfunction of the starter motor or generator may also cause a fire. In particular, the failure of the generator will cause the generator to fail to generate electricity normally, and the battery power cannot be replenished, resulting in a low or no starting speed of the motor.