How to properly maintain a hydraulic shredder in the hot summer

First, check whether the antifreeze of the hydraulic logging machine has expired and needs to be replaced. Automotive antifreeze is not only used in winter, it should be used throughout the year. Automobile antifreeze has two characteristics: low ice and high boiling point. It can not only ensure that the car's refrigeration system works normally in winter, but also prevent the cooling circulating water from boiling in the summer, and prevent "boiling". In addition, automotive antifreeze also has antirust treatment and corrosion resistance. Because in the refrigeration system, there are metal composite materials and non-metal materials. The anti-rust treatment and anti-corrosion effect of automobile antifreeze can alleviate the aging of the entire refrigeration system. In addition, automobile antifreeze also has the function of waterproof scale. It can reduce the clogging of the circulation system pipelines caused by dirt in the refrigeration system and endanger the safety hazard of the engine. The real car antifreeze can be used for 2000 hours, and generally 1000 hours. Different brands of automotive antifreeze are different and cannot be mixed and applied.


Second, check whether the hydraulic logging machine storage tank, gear oil heat pipe radiator and car condenser are blocked. After going through the autumn, winter, and spring logging machines, those places are very easy to deposit some wild grass roll leaves and flying fluff. Adsorption. Those things hinder the actual heat dissipation of the water tank, the gear oil heat pipe radiator, and the heat condenser of the car condenser. It is very easy to cause high temperature of the engine and high temperature deterioration of the gear oil, and the actual effect of air conditioning refrigeration is not very good. In addition, the back cover and sponge of the water storage tank and heat pipe radiator of some felling machines are damaged or dropped, resulting in abnormal air intake to the fan, leading to the water storage tank, gear oil heat pipe radiator, and car condenser. Poor heat dissipation from the heat pipe. In order to ensure the normal application of all excavations, pay attention to the number of grids of the water temperature meter at all times, and take certain effective measures immediately when it exceeds a certain limit. You can choose a nearby cool place to park and reduce the temperature at idle speed. To prevent safety accidents such as engine pull cylinder caused by engine over-temperature. After the temperature drops, in addition to checking whether the car antifreeze is lacking, you should also check the tension status and fatigue value of the fan belt.

3. After the hydraulic shredder has finished working, it must continue to run for more than ten minutes, and the stand-by temperature drops to a certain level before turning off. If you want to stop for a long time, fill the diesel fuel tank with diesel to prevent the diesel fuel tank from rusting. Remove the caller bottle when parking, place the battery in an air-dry and waterproof place, and keep the surface clean and air-dry. When the shredder is clean, do not spray water directly on the electrical components, otherwise the electrical components will be invalid or malfunction. Having grasped the above key points, in the hot summer, your machinery and equipment will surely pass through.