Cleaning agents commonly used for maintenance of hydraulic pile drivers

As a mechanical equipment, the hydraulic pile driver will inevitably cause damage to it for a long time. Therefore, the hydraulic pile driver should be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner. So what kind of cleaner should I use?

Organic solvent

More common motor oil, light diesel, gasoline, acetone, alcohol and trichloroethylene. By dissolving oil in this way, all kinds of oils and fats can be dissolved. The advantages are no heat, simple use, no damage to the metal, and good cleaning effect. However, rubber parts cannot be cleaned with organic solvents.

Chemical cleaning liquid

It is a chemically synthesized water-based metal cleaning agent, equipped with an aqueous solution, with metal cleaning agent as the main surfactant, and has strong decontamination ability. In addition, there are some additives in the cleaning agent, which can promote or increase the general functions of metal cleaners against corrosion, rust and carbon. The principle is to first clean the liquid-wet surface part with the cleaning agent, and then enter the dirt and the contact interface part. The dust on this part of the surface falls, or the surface part forms an emulsion and hangs to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

3. Alkaline solution

An alkaline solution is an aqueous solution of an alkaline or alkaline salt. The emulsifier is used to emulsify and degrease the unsaponifiable oil. It is a widely used decontamination cleaning solution. It should be noted that parts of different materials should be cleaned with different cleaning solutions. Alkaline solutions corrode metals to varying degrees, especially aluminum. After degreasing, wash away the residual lye on the surface with hot water to prevent component corrosion.


The above are three cleaning agents commonly used for maintenance of hydraulic pile drivers. If you happen to have procurement requirements for hydraulic pile drivers, wood grabbers, lotus grabbers and other equipment, you are also welcome to call us at any time!