Understanding the major misunderstandings of hydraulic pile driver lubricants

As a common mechanical equipment in highway engineering, hydraulic pile driver is increasingly used in engineering construction. At the same time, people's awareness of mechanical maintenance is gradually increasing, and the key to pile driver maintenance is a large amount of lubricant. Today, I will sort out four common misunderstandings about hydraulic oil for hydraulic pile driver. Let's see if you are moving—hydraulic pile driver.

Misunderstanding 1. Everyone knows that if the amount of oil is insufficient in the lubrication project, it will cause poor lubrication and mechanical accidents, so many bosses report the principle of more than less when adding lubricant.

In fact, this view is incorrect because if too much lubricating oil is used, not only the crankshaft will increase its power consumption due to the increase of rotational resistance, but also oil bubbles, emulsification and leakage will be caused, resulting in poor lubrication.

Misunderstanding 2: The lubricating oil is black, indicating that the lubricating oil is not good.

In order to improve the lubricating performance of modern lubricants, various additives have been added in appropriate amounts. It is normal for internal combustion type mechanical lubricants using detergent and dispersant to turn black after use. It cannot be considered as "oil has deteriorated" and is easy to replace. Additive-added lubricants will blacken the bearing surface during use. It is also normal. Therefore, when judging whether the lubricating oil has deteriorated, it cannot be judged solely by vision, and a comprehensive analysis must be performed. The oil should be tested repeatedly when conditions permit, and replaced according to quality.

Error three, according to the constant change of the oil layer

When the hydraulic pile driver just bought a maintenance machine, there are instructions on the oil change interval. Many engineering bosses think that there should be no problem as long as the oil change time is based on the specifications. In fact, when we just bought the machine, the performance is good. Of course, natural oil change can be performed according to law, but after the machine is used for a period of time, due to the increasing wear and tear of parts, according to your actual situation, you cannot step on the spot during lubrication.


Fourth, the viscosity of the oil is better than the viscosity of the oil

In fact, when we buy oil, according to the machine itself and a condition, it is not that the quality is good, but the machine suitable for ourselves is just fine. Too high viscosity grade of the oil will result in poor pumping performance, reduced flow rate, poor lubricity, washability and heat dissipation. It will easily cause semi-dry friction of machine parts and cause failures such as burnt tiles and shafts.