Today's used hydraulic shredders are a mixed bag and need attention

Hydraulic shredders are becoming more and more popular now. In other areas, let alone say that in the field of wood loading and unloading and handling, especially in some wood wholesale markets and areas where planting areas are more concentrated, starting with a logging machine is related People in the field have long desired, but after all, the price of this type of excavator-type shredder is still too high for many people, so the second-hand feller has become an ideal project investment target, but it is ultimately used by others Yes, what small details need to be paid attention to?

Here comes to unlock the shady of this unknown domestic second-hand logging machine sales market. In fact, the principle of buying a used hydraulic logging machine is the same as buying a used excavator. The inspection and test drive of the entire vehicle are all necessary links that cannot be ignored, but you can detect some potential problems and inside information? Similar to the uneven and cloudy domestic sales market of second-hand excavators, second-hand fellers also have a variety of methods and techniques for stealing the sky. If you want to save money on investing in second-hand models, you must be cautious.


Of course, the above is just a few thousand in one category. Of course, it is not impossible to buy a second-hand logging machine with excellent cost-effectiveness and a good return on investment. It is just a chance. Lower, buy a second-hand feller? After grasping the environment of the domestic sales market behind you, you will eliminate this idea when you think about it. At this stage, the sales situation of the harvester in the domestic market is still extremely tense and fierce, and some irregular small manufacturers are constantly emerging. These people have disrupted the entire domestic sales market with a very low price of hydraulic logging machines. The results are not obvious to customers who buy this model. It is because of this that there are a large number of models in the used logging machine sales market that look brand new but actually No project investment value.

There are no more than two ways to buy second-hand fellers on the sales market: personal transfer and second-hand recycling markets, no matter which type you should be vigilant, because the items on the sales market can also be sold personally, the actual scenario is as follows: second-hand The harvester on the recycling market is driven to the surrounding work place in a personal way, and the "personal transfer" notice is advertised, and the flag is completely reasonable but can prove that the car has no product quality problems. Have you been there? Have you been deceived?

Even if you have a problem model that has thousands of working hours in front of you, you can "decorate" it by the hands of these people. No one can see that it is a second-hand logging machine. Of course, this is not sensational. After all, Too many people have fully learned the domestic second-hand excavator sales market, such as Xushui, Shanghai and other places, so buying a felling machine, the new car of a regular brand manufacturer is more assured, the price is under pressure, not Installment mortgages. If you want to make money by investing in a project, you have no idea about it. What business do you talk about to make money and what do you want to get rich?