Pay attention to the aspects of hydraulic pile driver

Hydraulic pile driver is a commonly used equipment in highway engineering, also known as guardrail pile driver or highway fence pile driver. As a large-scale construction machine, hydraulic pile drivers must comply with specifications during operation, otherwise accidents are likely to occur. So, what should you pay attention to in your homework? Let's find out.

1. The pile driver must be ordered. Commanders and operators should check signals with each other and cooperate actively before operation.

2. At the beginning, use an electric bell or other method to announce the signal and tell people around you to leave.

3. Start the pile driver from low speed to high speed.

4. The pile driver and pile cap, pile cap and pipe string (or pile) should be flattened, the connecting bolts should be tightened, and they should be checked frequently for looseness.

5. When driving a pile driver, pay close attention to the current and voltage indications on the control panel. If abnormal noise or other abnormal conditions are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

6. Always check the bearing temperature and whether the bearing cap screws are loose. Strictly check whether the cast iron joint screws are loose to avoid attack accidents.

7. When sinking, no one should stand around the pipe column (or pile).

8. When the pile driver sinks with water injection and mud suction operations, you should contact the relevant personnel in advance and take care of each other during the operation.

9. Operators must fasten seat belts and install pile caps when connecting long pipe strings or piles.

10. Mechanical maintenance and maintenance are prohibited during sinking. After the pile driver stops working, immediately cut off the power and check the pile driver and motor.