How to solve the oil leakage phenomenon of the silent breaker?

Silent hammers are usually driven by hydrostatic pressure, which reciprocates the piston. In the stroke of the breaker hammer, the drill rod is hit at a higher position. The drill rod is used to break the solids such as ore and concrete, which causes the oil leakage phenomenon of the broken hammer. ?

1. Before solving the problem of oil leakage from the hammer, you should understand what caused the oil leakage from the hammer. There are seal anomalies and no seal anomalies.

2. Due to the looseness of bolts and nuts, oil leakage between the cylinder and the upper body may occur. In this case, it is necessary to re-tighten and replace the damaged o-ring.

3. There is oil leakage between the front rod and the front cover. For the breaker, the oil leak at this location was very serious.

4. Oil leakage occurs at low pressure and does not occur at high pressure. The main cause of this phenomenon is that the assembly surface of the breaker is too rough, which can improve the surface roughness and lower the hardness of the seal.

5. After the surface of the main valve and the cylinder is overhauled, the reinstalled valve body will leak oil, and clean oil is required. Please check if the oil seal is damaged.

The operation of the crusher is very afraid of oil leakage. Once an oil leak occurs, the hammer should be stopped immediately and a detailed inspection process should be performed on the crusher to find the cause and solve it immediately.


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