Load detection method of silent breaker

In the excavation of building foundations, the silent breaker is more effective in removing soil from pumice and rock cracks. The control valve of the hydraulic breaker is built-in, so that the components of the hammer are not damaged by external impact. Simple structure reduces failures and reduces maintenance and usage costs. A beneficiation test technology used to detect the actual amount of ore passing through the crushing chamber of the crusher in real time. The load of the breaker affects the particle size and energy consumption of the crushed product, and also affects the normal operation of the breaker.

In the case of multi-stage crushing, only the load of the breaker at the end of the section controlling the particle size of the product is usually detected. This section of the breaker is usually a closed circuit system, and its feed includes the previous section's broken feed and the cyclic load.

1. Detect the circuit current value of the breaker motor;

2. Calculated closed-circuit cycle load of crushing and screening;

3. Directly use the contact level meter to indicate the level of the material in the crushing cavity, that is, to know its load;

4. The first two methods directly reflect the instantaneous load in the hammer bin by weighing the conveying capacity of the hammer conveyor belt conveyor, which is convenient for detection and timely adjustment. An automatic control system can be formed by an automatic adjustment device.

1, 3, and 4 load detection methods Breaker is commonly used, because the second method cannot directly reflect the load of the breaker chamber, but the average load of the crusher can be achieved by adding a concentrator for a period of time, but it still cannot reach Adjust in time, so the second method is rarely used.