What are the benefits of the crushing tongs to the excavator?

In daily life, we often see the crushing tongs of an excavator at the construction site. The crushing forceps are used in the crushing work, which can be achieved by the movement of the crushing teeth of the jaw forceps and jaw forceps. It can break large hardness and large volume of stone, which can be said to be very convenient.

High efficiency: Compared with the breaker, the efficiency is increased by 2 to 3 times.

Wide application: It can quickly realize the separation and bending of concrete and steel bars, and effectively improve work efficiency. If a steel cutter is installed, it is convenient to break concrete and cut reinforcing steel at the same time.

High safety: no need for personnel to participate in dangerous operations, can be fully mechanized.

Reasonable design: Protective devices are provided in key parts such as the oil cylinder to avoid the phenomenon of spattering of the reinforced concrete cylinder during work.

Material Note: The crushing pliers are made of high-strength light steel, so they have high abrasion resistance.

Special treatment: Through the study of most domestic buildings, the special shape of the jaw teeth makes the crushing and clamping faster and improves the wear resistance of important components.

Low noise: The extrusion method effectively reduces noise and vibration, and meets environmental requirements. Therefore, the crushing tong is also an ideal crushing tool.

Easy maintenance: Advanced design methods can effectively reduce the working efficiency of high oil cylinders and bring convenience to related disassembly and maintenance work. The oil circuit can also be used with a breaker to easily achieve the effect of a multi-purpose excavator.


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