Inspection and maintenance methods of hydraulic steel grabber

The reliability and service life of the hydraulic steel grabber are affected by many factors. In addition to its own quality, it is closely related to the user's use, maintenance and maintenance. Regular inspections and timely maintenance are a good way to make equipment use more smoothly and extend its service life. However, inspection and maintenance are also steps or requirements. It does not mean that a simple look and touch is an inspection. Let's take a look at the inspection and maintenance methods of the equipment.

(1) During inspection and maintenance, it is necessary to place the hydraulic steel grabbing machine on a flat ground, put down all the working devices, and turn off the diesel engine;

(2) Turn off the pilot safety lock, that is, cut off the pilot circuit, and then perform maintenance work;

(3) The temperature of the hydraulic oil after work is very high. It cannot be directly disassembled when repairing the fluid, sealing, refueling or draining. It is necessary to turn off the diesel engine first, and then operate the pilot handle to relieve the pressure before the repair can be performed. Be careful not to touch the oil pipe during maintenance, otherwise it may cause burns;

(4) The hydraulic system safety valve and overload valve of the hydraulic steel grabber have been adjusted before leaving the factory and cannot be changed at will to prevent accidents;

(5) Try not to perform maintenance work on the ramp, because when the body weight is large, the hydraulic grabbing steel may move or rotate;

(6) When disassembling hydraulic parts, it is necessary to prevent dust and other debris from entering the hydraulic system, which will cause damage to the connection surface. If there is damage, it must be repaired as soon as possible to maintain the original accuracy;

(7) The hydraulic steel grabbing machine should be cleaned when disassembling the joints, and the sealing ring should not be damaged or missing. Be careful when assembling the hose to avoid twisting;

(8) The bolts of the hydraulic pressure and connecting pipes will become loose when they are subjected to impact or vibration, so regular inspections are required, and the interval should not be too long. Once loosening is found, it needs to be tightened in time.

The above are several inspection and maintenance methods of hydraulic steel grabbing machine. As the saying goes, if you want a horse to run, you have to graze the horse. The same is true for machinery and equipment. If you want it to work better, you need it. Regular inspection and maintenance work, only by keeping it in good condition can work efficiency be improved.