Features and applicable occasions of excavator vibratory rammer

Excavator vibratory rammer is a kind of equipment used with excavators. It plays an important role in compacting the ground, slopes, planes, pits, steps, corners, grooves, abutment backs, etc. In addition, the vibratory ramming The layer thickness is also relatively large, and the degree of compaction can meet the requirements of high-grade foundations such as expressways. Let's take a look at the characteristics and applicable occasions of vibratory rammer together.

1. Features:

(1) High versatility

The versatility of the excavator vibratory rammer and breaker product lines is relatively high, and the hydraulic components and connecting frame can be exchanged with the breaker.

(2) High-quality parts and advanced design

Vibratory rammers can also maintain high reliability and relatively low operating costs under harsh conditions. The strong steel structure and the sturdy rubber shock-absorbing blocks make the machine able to exert greater ramming strength without being affected by recoil. Damage yourself. The eccentric vibration mechanism is driven by a durable motor. The presence of lubricated bearings and integrated hydraulic control valve can protect the motor from accidental damage.

(3) Quick installation and wide use

The vibratory rammer of an excavator is very quick to install, and it is much more convenient than a hand-push tamping machine. It can be easily completed when the hand-push tamping machine cannot be constructed such as a deep trench or a steep slope. Sometimes in some ditch operations, it can only work on one side due to conditions. Our vibratory ram can also be installed perpendicular to the stick to meet the needs.

(4) Strong compaction ability and high reliability

The vibratory rammer has a high-frequency impact of 2000 times per minute to ensure a strong and durable compaction effect. Optional for excavator or backhoe loader (both ends are busy), it can complete compaction work efficiently and economically.

2. Applicable occasions:

(1) Use of rammed slope surface bank;

(2) The use of rammed drainage pipes and rock base;

(3) Use of rammed soil, gravel, etc.;

(4) The use of rammed foundation buildings;

(5) The use of bottom soil in the construction of rammed pipelines;

(6) The use of rammed slope pavement construction;

(7) Use of test pile work.

The above are the characteristics and applicable occasions of excavator vibratory rammer. As a device suitable for many harsh environments, it is still very popular. Our company is a professional manufacturer of vibrating rammers. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact us.