Method of geological survey before construction of hydraulic pile driver

The hydraulic pile driver is a commonly used equipment in modern society. It is a great help to the installation of guardrails on highways, greatly liberating manpower and improving work efficiency. However, geological surveys are required before construction. This is also a very important step. Only the use of geological pile drivers can make the construction smoother, so what are the methods of geological survey?

1. Replacement method. This method is suitable for shallow treatment of silt, silty soil, collapsible loess, plain fill, miscellaneous fill, and hidden ditch, hidden pond, etc. The replacement material can be medium (coarse) sand, well-graded sandstone, lime soil, plain soil, stone chips or cinder, etc. When the soft soil is thin, it can be dug out completely; when the soft soil is thick, it can be partially dug out. The filling can be sand, gravel, plain soil, etc.

2. Sand and gravel pile method. Sand-gravel pile method is suitable for compacting loose sand, miscellaneous fill, cohesive soil, silt, plain fill and other foundations to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and reduce the compressibility. It can also be used to treat liquefiable foundations.

3. Pre-compression method. The preloading method is suitable for the treatment of saturated cohesive soil foundations such as silt, silty soil, and alluvial fill. According to the preloading method, it is divided into stack preloading method and vacuum preloading method.

Stacked preloading is divided into plastic drainage belt or sand well foundation stacking preloading and natural foundation stacking preloading. When the thickness of the soft soil layer is less than 4m, it can be treated by the natural foundation stacking preloading method. When the thickness of the soft soil layer exceeds 4m, it should be treated by vertical drainage preloading methods such as plastic drainage belts and sand wells.

The vacuum preloading project must set up drainage shafts in the foundation. The preloading method is mainly used to solve the settlement and stability of the foundation.

The above is about several geological survey methods before hydraulic pile driver construction. This is a very important and necessary step, and it must not be omitted.