Regular maintenance content of hydraulic grabbing machine

  Hydraulic grabbing machineThe main purpose of regular maintenance is to reduce equipment problems, improve equipment life, reduce equipment downtime, improve work efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Simply supervising fuel, lubricants, water and indoor air can reduce equipment failure rates by 70%. In fact, about 70% of the failures are due to improper supervision. Next, I will briefly introduce you to the daily maintenance of the steel grabber.

Make a visual inspection before running the grabber:

1. Is there any leakage of organic oil, fuel and refrigerant?

2. Whether there are loose screws and nuts.

3. Whether the electrical wiring is disconnected, short-circuited, or the battery connector is loose.

4. Is it oily?

5. Is there any accumulation of pollutants?

Common problems in daily life maintenance: Daily life testing is a key step to ensure the long-term operation of hydraulic steel grabbing machines. Especially for individual industrial and commercial households, daily life testing can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

1. The steel grabber rotates about two times, first check whether there is any difference between the appearance and the equipment chassis, and whether there is oil flowing out of the rotating bearing.

2. Detect the speed reduction brake device and the crawler screw reinforcement, tighten the screws, and replace them as soon as possible. If the wheeled excavator must detect the pressure difference of the tires, and the pressure stability.

3. The damage of the bucket teeth will significantly increase the resistance in the construction process, seriously interfere with the work efficiency, and improve the damage level of the equipment components. Therefore, the detection of the bucket teeth is also very critical.

4. Check the steel drill and cylinder for cracks or oil leakage.

5. Check the battery electrolyte to avoid being lower than the low level.

6. The air filter is a key component to prevent large quantities of smoke and dust from entering the hydraulic steel grabbing machine. It must also be tested regularly to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

7. Frequently check whether fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, refrigerant, etc. must be added, and select lubricating oil according to the instruction manual and keep it clean.