The solution to the cavitation problem of the hydraulic cylinder

Choose qualified hydraulic oil: Choose hydraulic oil of good quality and suitable model, which can effectively prevent cavitation during the use of hydraulic cylinders of hydraulic grabbing machines. The selection of hydraulic oil should be based on the local ambient temperature selection, in accordance with the relevant technical standards, and fill in accordance with the dipstick specifications. At the same time, keep the hydraulic system of the steel grabber clean.

Often check the oil quality, oil level and oil color of the hydraulic oil. If there is foam or milky white in the hydraulic oil, it means that air has been mixed in the hydraulic oil. The air source should be carefully and the oil should be changed. If high water-based hydraulic oil is used, a high-type hydraulic oil tank should be equipped to increase the inlet pressure of the hydraulic pump and effectively prevent the hydraulic cylinder of the steel grabbing machine from cavitation.

Choose suitable hydraulic oil additives: Choose suitable hydraulic oil additives, which can effectively adjust the turbidity or hydration of the hydraulic oil, prevent the generation of foam, stabilize the quality of the hydraulic oil, and keep the hydraulic steel grabbing machine functioning normally for a long time.

Prevent the oil temperature from being too high and reduce the hydraulic shock. Reasonably equipped with hydraulic oil radiator can prevent the hydraulic oil from overheating. In actual operation, if the oil temperature is too high, the cause should be found out and cleaned up as soon as possible to eliminate cavitation in the hydraulic oil. In addition, during the operation of the hydraulic system, prevent repeated increase of the engine throttle, and the operation should be stable to reduce the interference of the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic components.

Reasonable installation or maintenance of hydraulic cylinders: When installing or maintaining key components such as the cylinder block and piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, the lower limit of the installation tolerance table should be followed to reduce the occurrence of cavitation. If cavitation occurs in the hydraulic cylinder parts of the hydraulic steel grabbing machine, only metallographic sandpaper polishing can be used to remove the cavitation pits and surface scale, not ordinary fine sandpaper.