Reasons for oil discoloration of hydraulic piling machine

  Hydraulic pile driverIn the application process, with the force and friction of mechanical parts, equipment failures of varying degrees will usually occur. As an indispensable medium for hydraulic pile drivers, abnormalities in hydraulic oil are also very common. After using the pile driver for a certain period of time, you will find that the color of the cylinder will change. At first, it will be blue. With time, the color will darken to purple, or even black.

This kind of oil discoloration is actually the surface layer of the cylinder covered with a colored film, which has nothing to do with the pile driver and the cylinder itself. Today we will briefly talk about the reasons for the oil discoloration of hydraulic pile drivers.

We can roughly analyze the cause of the discoloration by changing the color. The blue color is caused by the adhesion of the additives in the oil seal and hydraulic oil to the cylinder rod at high temperature; the blackening is caused by the spraying in the wear-resistant sleeve It is caused by the adhesion of lead-containing additives to the cylinder rod at high temperatures.

You will have some misunderstandings about the oil discoloration of hydraulic piling machines. If the oil becomes black, it means that the lubricating oil has deteriorated. Today's hydraulic oil has added a certain amount of various additives to improve its performance. It is normal for the lubricating oil for internal combustion engines with detergent and dispersant to turn black after a period of application. It should not be considered that the oil has deteriorated and replaced hastily; the ones with additives usually make the bearing surface of the hydraulic pile driver It turns black during application, which is also normal. Therefore, when we judge whether the lubricating oil has deteriorated, we cannot judge by vision alone, but do a comprehensive analysis. When possible, the oil should be tested and tested to ensure that the oil is changed according to the quality.

Everyone may have the habit of daily maintenance, but if the special hydraulic oil for the non-hydraulic pile driver is replaced, the color may change within a few days. This may be due to the extreme pressure resistance of different brands and different types of hydraulic oils. The quality and performance of the grinding additives are different.