Grinding tongs lubrication and rust prevention

The application of crushing tongs must start from the actual operation method to every link of the maintenance operation to ensure standardized application to prevent damage to the machine due to small details that are not resolved in time, and interference with the machine life will increase operating costs.

Lubrication operation refers to adding lubricating fluid in the middle of the corresponding friction surface. After the lubricating fluid is dripped on the surface of the relative moving parts, an oil film is formed, which can separate the mechanical parts from the atmosphere, moisture and other hazardous substances, and generate more A good lubricating environment plays the role of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and maintenance of its appearance, thereby greatly reducing component damage, increasing the service life of machinery and equipment, improving the stability and safety factor of machinery and equipment, and reducing the amount of equipment maintenance tasks and improving Equipment utilization. Especially under the working nature of the scissor, it is more likely to cause damage and rust. Therefore, the application of lubricating oil as an auxiliary countermeasure against rust is indispensable.


However, it should be known that the presence of lubricating oil is sometimes a factor that aggravates the rust of the crushing tongs. Anti-rust oil does not cause any problems if anti-rust oil is done for a long time under normal environment, but the wet and cold high temperature weather conditions will cause major changes. Anti-rust oil products that have no problem may cause Happening. This is because in a hot and humid environment, an ultra-thin water vapor film will adhere to the surface of the product. The water, atmosphere, ambient temperature, corrosive gas, etc. on the surface of the scissor and the surrounding environment should be sealed with anti-rust oil. After that, the water vapor film cannot be discharged. The water film will converge in a certain position with the passage of time. When the time is right, the water droplets that gather will cause organic chemical oxidation and form rust.

Such a situation can be regarded as the qualitative change of the lubricating oil. After the lubricating lipid changes, the viscosity will change, the oil film will be broken, the separation and adhesion properties of the lubricating oil will subside, and the lubricating grease will be evaporated from the paint. The resulting acidic chemical composition causes the quality of the lubricating oil to change, and this acidic chemical composition promotes the hydrolysis reaction of the grease. As a result, the concentration of the acidic chemical composition expands, causing the rolling bearing of the crushing tongs to rust.