Why does the silent breaker appear to pull the cylinder

The silent breaker can better clean the soil layer in the pumice and rock gaps, and has the basic function of excavating housing construction. However, when applied, the machine equipment will produce cylindrical stretching conditions. In short, this represents a standard cylinder. The inside of the piston is made into an inner groove, and the piston rod, piston and standard cylinder wall lose their sealing performance when they touch the cylinder wall. Next, let's follow the editor to analyze the reasons for the cylinder block in the machine and equipment.

1. The maintenance agency stated that there are no boring cylinders, piston rod replacements and piston pins in the maintenance process, but only the manipulation of replacement pistons.

2. In the basic maintenance, the silent breaker only changes the pistons of 1 standard cylinder and 3 cylinders. Within a few days, the output power of the engine was not as good as the level before the overhaul, and at the same time fuel consumption occurred.

3. The driver reported that the application of the engine does not lack oil and water, and he is unlikely to be responsible for the standard cylinder of the engine. But on the way, I found that the vehicle's oil indicator was on and the oil was filled.


4. The connecting rod and crankshaft bearings are not damaged except for the stretching cylinder. The four sets of piston rods and the standard cylinder lining have been basically inspected. The top cylinder has serious burns, the piston is stuck in the piston groove, and the metal material remains. The piston rod burns and the adhesive force is on the upper stop rod on the standard cylinder. The standard cylinder wall has serious blue pull marks on the cylinder. The piston rod of the hydrostatic cylinder and the standard cylinder line are not abnormal.

The pulling condition of the silent breaker cylinder block is a very common failure problem, which will reduce the sealing performance of the product and reduce the compression pressure and output power loss of the standard cylinder. Therefore, users should maintain and avoid as much as possible, and should not allow malfunctions to interfere with the application of the product.