Key points of hydraulic piling machine application

  Hydraulic pile driverThe application requires the application staff to use the operating process flexibly, fully grasp the specifications and models of the new facility, structural characteristics and assembly and processing technology, which is convenient to ensure all normal operation processes and adequately solve some unexpected problems. Equipment damage, keep the equipment in good condition.


However, it is obviously insufficient to grasp the general operation steps. For some key points, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. The operation of the rotary drilling rig should be accelerated from low gear to fast gear.

2. The rotation rate has been set after the machine, about 10 revolutions per minute. Do not adjust the rotation rate arbitrarily. Too fast may cause unstable clamping of the supporting pile and cause dangerous things.

3. When the rotary drilling rig is running, there must be professional guidance. Instruct employees and application employees to check data signals with each other before running. Work closely together.

4. When the pile frame is raised and lowered, first check whether the hoist drum is reliable, and then follow the system requirements in the operating instructions.

5. If a pile clamp is used, the pile must be clamped first before working, and the pile clamp must not be loosened during work.

6. Calibrate the flatness of the pile immediately when sinking the pile. After the pile is 3m into the soil, it is prohibited to use the rotary drilling rig to walk or rotate to calibrate the flatness of the pile.

7. Pile frame poles that can't be skewed to the left and right. When adjusting the poles before and after they should be skewed, push left and right throws separately.

The hydraulic piling machine uses a hydraulic drive system, which becomes flexible, leading the application of the hydraulic system, which is convenient to use, high-efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The excellent characteristics of the entire equipment can achieve the desired actual work effect.