The reason why the output of hydraulic pile driver is weak

  Hydraulic pile driverIt needs to be opened with the help of a diesel engine belt, and with the pressure of the oil as the driving force, the hydraulic press can be controlled according to the difference of the geological structure and the soil layer to realize the reasonable impact force to carry out the piling construction. In the operation process, the reasonable composition of each operating system is the basis to ensure the overall efficiency of piling construction and the normal application of its facilities. If a failure occurs, the output of the hydraulic piling machine will be weak. What we are going to take you to discuss today is the reason why the output of the hydraulic pile driver is weak:


The entire equipment cannot be divided into these levels. One is that the engine decelerates greatly when the external load is large. This is manifested in the following two levels: query the engine power as scheduled; query whether the displacement of the hydraulic press complies with the output of the constant output power. That is, under the condition of not jeopardizing efficiency, control the angle of view of the swash plate to reduce the displacement.

The second is that the engine does not decelerate when the load is heavy, and the system efficiency is normal; this needs to control the pressure of the system, because the hydraulic system used by the hydraulic piling machine manufacturers is different from the hydraulic machine system, the pressure of each standard hydraulic system is also Different, only need to control according to the manufacturer's standard standards.

Another if the pressure of the control speed control valve cannot be adjusted, and the speed control valve is in good condition, it is necessary to query the control system of the hydraulic oil pump, even the engine block, the valve plate, and the plunger pump of the hydraulic oil pump. Waiting for the parts.

The hydraulic system of the hydraulic pile driver may leak quickly because the safety speed control valve is not closed tightly, or the cylinder frame seal is severely damaged, etc. This general piling construction doubt is likely to be caused by various reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the entire equipment operating characteristics of the hydraulic pile driver and maintain it immediately.