What kind of control will cause the pile driver to cease fire

  Hydraulic pile driverThe phenomenon of parts will lead to poor overall operation, and even shutdown of the fire, but it is necessary to know that outside of this, the driving skills of the operator and the maintenance of machinery and equipment will affect the application of machinery and equipment. Cause a ceasefire situation. Let's analyze what kind of control and supervision phenomenon will cause a fire stop:


The oil provided is not enough. Generally speaking, in the case of full engineering construction, it is necessary to reduce the oil at the right opportunity to control the speed of the hydraulic pile driver. Such operation is mainly based on the addition and subtraction of the accelerator pedal. The operating speed ratio is used to manipulate the working pressure of the hydraulic transmission system. In that case, the output power of the power head and the hydraulic hammer is manipulated. All links are an energy conversion link. If the accelerator pedal is increased, the working efficiency is not improved. The rate of movement of the frame has not increased either. In that case, the working capacity of the diesel engine has not been able to achieve the effect of the conversion rate. When the pressure is held down, the diesel engine will cease to fire.

In addition to that, there is also this type of oil viewing angle provided by the diesel engine that is not well controlled. The oil viewing angle provided is based on the regularity of the movement of the piston cylinder to operate. If the oil viewing angle provided is not well controlled, the same is true. In addition, the idle speed is too low at the scene that will cause the fire to cease. In this case, the machinery and equipment will cease to fire at a slight movement.

The unreasonable operation of the operator caused the fire stop of the hydraulic pile driver, such as insufficient oil supply on the slope, too fast braking, and fire in gear. The unreasonable operation has a great impact on many parts. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the control method. The operator must master the machinery and equipment, go through professional learning and training, and then control it.