Pile driver engine temperature is overheated

  Hydraulic pile driverIt has an important effect on highway construction. It is used to hit the pillars of the road protection fence. The power device is a diesel engine full hydraulic machine. It is widely favored because of its advantages such as quick operation, precise foundation piling, high work efficiency, and durability. It can also be used for installation and maintenance of guardrails and maintenance of outdoor construction projects.


There are two reasons for the widespread flameout. One is the lack of hydraulic oil in the oil tank, and the synchronous control causes the flame to block the carbon valve; there is also the flameout of the maintenance mechanical equipment during operation, and the restart is fine, but the electrical equipment must be ensured. The condition is excellent, and it can be basically used.

In the application, it needs to be checked frequently and maintained on time. Application staff should be proficient in professional skills, and be able to understand the conditions and existing problems of the construction site. The position of the shift gear shaft of the mechanical vibratory pile driver should be adjusted according to the needs. Ensure that the cables and cables have good insulation and are not easy to leak. The power supply voltage should meet the regulations. Always check the mechanical equipment systems and parts and maintain them on time.

If there is gas in the cooling system of the hydraulic pile driver, it will form an air resistance, which will cause the cooling water to circulate badly and cause the engine temperature to be too high. The following methods can be used to deflate: Let the engine run at high speed, and quietly unscrew the water tank cap until the gas is released. At this time, some cooling water will flow out with the gas. Repeat this many times until you feel that the gas is exhausted. After cleaning the problem, the cooling water should be added on time.