Oil discoloration of hydraulic pile driver

useHydraulic pile driverThe engineering construction meeting, accompanied by the force and friction of the mechanical components, will usually produce common failure conditions of the facility to a different degree. As an indispensable material for the operation of hydraulic pile drivers, abnormalities in hydraulic oil are also extremely common. After using the pile driver for a while, you will find that the color tone of the hydraulic cylinder will change. At first, it is blue. With time, the color tone will increase to purple, until it will become black.


This kind of oil discoloration is actually the surface layer of the hydraulic cylinder covering the colored film, which has no effect on the pile driver and the hydraulic cylinder itself. Today we are going to investigate the factors affecting the oil discoloration of hydraulic pile drivers

We can also roughly analyze the cause of the color fade according to the difference of the changed color tone. The blue color is caused by the adhesion of the food additives in the oil seal and the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinder rod at high temperature; the blackening is due to the wear-resistant sleeve Food additives with lead content in the spray paint adhere to the rod of the hydraulic cylinder under continuous high temperature.

We all cultivate the way of daily maintenance, but if the hydraulic oil commonly used in non-pile driver is replaced, it will fade in two days. Due to the different brands and types of hydraulic oils, the quality and function of extreme pressure anti-wear food additives difference.