Brief introduction to the characteristics and working principle of dismantling pliers

The working principle of scrap pliers

Installed on the excavator, powered by the excavator, so that the movable blade and the stable blade of the dismantling tongs are combined to achieve the effect of cutting steel bars and steel plates, and remove the steel bars and lump-shaped waste materials in the concrete.

Safe operating procedures

1. Connect the pin hole of the dismantling pliers with the pin hole of the front end of the excavator;

2. Connect the pipeline on the excavator to the dismantling tongs;

3. The computer operating system of the crusher can be used. After the installation is completed, the dismantling and cutting work can be carried out.

Characteristics of dismantling pliers

Practicality: The power comes from various brands and models of excavators to complete the practicality and economic benefits of the product.

Safety: The construction team should not touch the work to meet the reliability requirements for complex landform operations.

Emerald green: The hydraulic transmission completes low-noise operation, the operation does not interfere with the surrounding environment, and it conforms to my country's silent mode specifications.

Low cost: The actual operation is convenient, the staff is small, the labor cost is reduced, and the operating cost of the maintenance of machinery and equipment is reduced.

Convenience: Convenient transportation, installation and connection of corresponding pipelines.

Long service life: The quality is stable, the employees are strict according to the actual operation indicated by the manufacturer, and the service life is long.