Maintenance matters of hydraulic pile driver in low temperature season

Winter pairHydraulic pile driverSome wrong practices of maintenance and repair:

1. The starting method is unreasonable

The serious impact that the multi-directional rotary hydraulic pile driver can cause: serious damage to the equipment.

In winter, because some drivers can quickly turn on the diesel engine, they often start with no water (start first, then add refrigerating cooling water) to start abnormally. Such situations can cause serious damage to the equipment and should be prohibited from use. Appropriate early heating method is: first put the heat preservation quilt on the water storage tank, open the water drain valve, and continuously introduce 60-70℃ clean and softened water treatment into the water storage tank. When the water discharged from the water drain valve feels hot when touched , Then close the drain valve, pour 90-100℃ clean softened water treatment into the storage tank, and shake the engine crankshaft so that all operating parts are properly pre-lubricated, and then start again.

2. Low temperature load operation

Can cause serious effects: cause serious damage to the equipment.

After the diesel engine of the hydraulic pile driver started to catch fire, some drivers couldn't help but immediately put the load into operation. The diesel engine that caught fire soon is because the body temperature is low, the kinematic viscosity is high, and the engine oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the sports pair, which will cause serious damage to the equipment. In addition, the yellow spring of the plunger pump, the yellow spring of the cylinder and the yellow spring of the fuel injection pump are because of the "cold brittleness" and they are also easy to crack. Therefore, after the diesel engine starts to catch fire in winter, it should be idling at a low-medium speed for more than ten minutes, and when the temperature of the refrigeration circulating water reaches 60°C, then put it into load operation.

3. Do not pay attention to human body insulation, small pile driver

Severe effects that can be caused: reduce the service life of the operation and endanger the diesel engine

The average temperature in winter is low, and it is easy for the diesel engine to cool too much during operation. Therefore, heat preservation is the core of using diesel engines well in winter. In North China, all diesel engines used in winter should be equipped with anti-freezing equipment such as insulation sleeves and insulation curtains. In addition, the water temperature sensor plays a leading role in the heating of the diesel engine during operation. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the water temperature sensor is working properly before the winter, and the useless water temperature sensor should be replaced immediately.