What are the attention problems when the excavator breaker is working?

1. The excavator's silent breaker should stop working when the hose vibrates violently

Check whether the excavator's breaker hammer pressure and low-voltage hose are vibrating too violently. If this happens, it may be a malfunction, and you should immediately contact your local office to obtain it through the regulations of your local specific office. It should be further checked whether there is oil leakage at the water pipe joints. If there is oil leakage, the joints should be re-tightened. As shown, during the working period, it should be estimated whether there are too many drills. If there is no margin, it must be stuck in the lower body. Remove the lower body and check whether the parts should be repaired or replaced with faulty components.

2. Stop working

Once the stone is broken, the hammer should be stopped immediately. If you continue to strike, the anchor bolts will loose or break, and the excavator and assembler will be badly interfered. When the penetration of the hammer or When the drill is prying the rod, an air strike will occur. (The sound of the broken hammer will change when it strikes during the air strike)

3. The silent breaker of the excavator is used for handling once more

Exceeding the use of the drill or the side of the support frame to side or roll. Because the hydraulic pressure comes from the excavator, the big arm and the forearm of the cutting machine. Bucket, swing or rolling use, so the big and small arms will be destroyed At the same time, the anchor bolts of the breaker may be broken, the support frame will be destroyed, the drill will be broken or scratched, and the breaker should be prevented from being transported. It is especially emphasized that the drill is inserted in a warp and the excavation exceeds the limit. Walk around.

4. Beyond using the drill as a crowbar

If the drill is used as a pry bar when crushing rocks, the anchor bolts and drills may break

5. The breaker of the excavator does not need to exceed 1 minute if the hammer is constantly hitting south

Hit hard and hard in real time, the same place does not need to be hit for more than 1 minute, and then another place to hit the job. Long-term hitting will cause high oil temperature, which will cause the damage of the drill bushing and the progress of the drill. progress.

6. For long and hard major warps, it can be broken at the cracks or cracks, so that the relative smashing of the stones

7. The excavator breaker should work under the conventional engine speed ratio

When the breaker is used for crushing, the engine speed ratio should meet the required fixed value. The engine speed ratio that exceeds the work needs will not increase the impact force, but it will cause the high oil temperature to destroy the machinery and equipment.

8. Excavator breaker works beyond the water and mud

It is not necessary to use a silent breaker in the water and mud, otherwise, the piston rod or similar components may rust and cause sexual damage. If you need to work in water or underwater projects, you should especially order an underwater breaker.