How to maintain the hydraulic pile driver that has been placed for a long time?

In the protection of hydraulic pile drivers, the pile drivers that have been out of service for a long time should be properly maintained as much as possible to ensure that they are not easily affected when they are used again. How to use it?

Stop in the dry room and plank wood floors. Cover it with a cloth and let it reduce or prevent all kinds of corrosion in the future. The chemical plant or chemical action on the surface of the metal material will affect the neighboring compounds and the given corrosion situation. It will not only produce the design and standard operation of industrial equipment production, but also continue to corrode internal mechanical parts. For example, rainfall, according to external mechanical parts, mechanical parts internal foundry cracks, etc., internal corrosion enters the safe passage to accelerate the destruction of the foundry and the compounds in the air, which improves the common failures of machinery and equipment. The use of corresponding effective countermeasures to prevent the service life of the guardrail hammer from touching the raw materials can effectively reduce the spare parts.

Eliminate dust and foundry slag in the mechanical parts of the hydraulic pile driver. Foundry slag generally refers to the dust, soil layer and other metal material compounds generated during the operation of supporting facilities, as well as a little metal material slag and destruction chemical substances. If this kind of sediment enters the machinery and equipment and reaches the matching surface of the machinery and equipment, it will cause great damage. They not only affect the relative movement of the parts and accelerate the destruction of the parts, but also continue to scratch the mating surface, affect the lubricating oil film, increase the temperature of the parts, and deteriorate the lubricating oil.