What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of steel grabbing machine in winter?

Heat up before starting in winter. After starting and waiting for speed, you should first stretch each boom slowly, and then work. Common precautions for the winter heating process of excavators in hydraulic steel grabbing machine factories: the initiator runs at a medium speed, and the bucket is actually operated to carry out heating; then, the speed ratio of the development machine is raised to a higher, so that the bucket and stick can operate continuously 5min; jack up the equipment to rotate the crawler and heat the left and right walking motors respectively.

Diesel should be changed from -10 to -30. This depends on the location. The farther north is, more diesel should be added to avoid the waxing of diesel and the development of the engine cannot be carried out. In addition, replace the diesel filter. The oil should be replaced with locally applicable thickened oil, and the oil filter should also be replaced. If the hydraulic system has oil leakage, it should be replaced as soon as possible. If there is a standard oil tank, it should be well insulated.

The heat dissipation system of the hydraulic steel grabbing machine factory should carefully check whether the hose is aging and cracked. If there is any problem, it should be replaced as soon as possible because this kind of local problem is easier in winter.

Do not put water in the water storage tank. Advocate the addition of antifreeze that is suitable for the local temperature, and avoid diluting the antifreeze after the water is discharged. In especially cold areas, adding water to antifreeze makes it harder to develop the machine.

When you use a blowtorch to heat the machine, you must see it in front of you. The car must have a fire extinguisher. There are countless accidents of excavator fires caused by the blowtorch ignition in the hydraulic steel grabbing machine every year. You must pay attention to it! Inform your own pilots that sometimes there are other tasks on hand that you forget when you go to the meeting and ignore the catastrophe!