How to control the hydraulic steel grabbing machine more standardly?

Operation specification of hydraulic steel grabber

The steel grabber is a kind of important equipment in the iron and steel enterprise. What are the operating standards of the steel grabber:

1. The operating staff meet the standards through training and take up the post with a certificate. Apprentices should be carried out under professional guidance and cannot operate privately.

2. Workers are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol.

3. The workplace should avoid high-voltage wires to avoid electric shock accidents.

4. Do not enter the working radius of the steel grabbing machine. When the engine is started and the equipment moves or rotates, the long-sounding horn will sound a warning.

5. The steel grabber should be operated on flat ground. It is forbidden to work on slopes or difficult roads.

6. It is strictly forbidden to carry people on the hydraulic steel grabber, and only the driver can operate it on the equipment. When the left and right steel grabbers are used, guardrails and feet are used, and left and right bouncing is not allowed.

7. Maintain a corresponding distance with the flipping member to prevent damage from rolling into the flipping member.

8. When leaving the cab of the car, the steel grabber should be placed on the ground, and the electrical switch should be turned off at the same time to prevent misoperation from hurting others.

9. During the whole process of carrying, the grab bucket of the steel grabbing machine should be kept in the state for a long time to avoid shaking.

10. When loading and unloading slag, the surrounding environment should be mastered. If some people work nearby, it is recommended to continue working after the people leave.

11. Clean up the steel grabbing machine on time, and all the grease, slag and waste on the steel grabbing machine to prevent damage to the equipment.

12, carry out the usual maintenance of hydraulic steel grabber