Maintenance of cleaning fluid for hydraulic pile driver

As a mechanical equipment, the hydraulic pile driver will be damaged by long-term operation. Therefore, the hydraulic pile driver should be cleaned and maintained on time. So what kind of cleaning fluid should be used?

1. Organic solvent

Commonly found in automobile engine oil, light diesel oil, automobile gasoline, acetone, ethanol and ethyl acetate. Dissolving oil in this way, all kinds of oil stains can be melted. The advantage is that there is no heat, easy selection, and no damage to metal materials. The cleaning effect is very good. However, the plastic components cannot be cleaned with organic solvents.

2. Chemical cleaning liquid

It is a chemically synthesized water-based metal cleaning agent. It is filled with a solution and uses the metal cleaning agent as a specific surfactant. It has strong decontamination strength. In addition, there are many additives in the cleaning solution, which can promote or improve the metal cleaning agent. The usual role of anti-corrosion, anti-rust treatment, and decarbonization. The standard is to add cleaning solution to clean the surface part of the liquid and mixed, and then enter the stain and the middle part of the touch page, the dust of this part of the surface falls, or the surface of the surface. The part produces emulsion, suspension, to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

3. Alkaline solution

Alkaline solution is a solution of alkaline or alkaline salt. Emulsifying agent is used to emulsify and de-oil unsaponifiable oil. It is a commonly used decontamination cleaning solution. It should be noted that parts of different materials should be selected from different materials. Clean with the same cleaning solution. Alkaline solutions have different levels of corrosion on metal materials, especially aluminum. After removing the oil, wash off the residual alkali solution on the surface with boiling water to avoid corrosion of components.