Precautions for vibrating rammer application

  Vibration rammerBecause of its low-noise work, it does not interfere with the surrounding environment during construction, and the key parts are made of high-toughness board and high-wear-resistant board, quality assurance, and is widely used in every building construction. In order to ensure the application efficiency of vibratory rammers, we not only To strengthen the usual maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to many problems in the application, the main contents are as follows:

1. Please ensure that any pipelines are properly installed, and any pump oil routes are fully spread out.

2. Please ensure that the oil flow speed and the applied working pressure are properly adjusted.

3. Open the tamper, please place the tamper on the object to be tamped, and make sure to apply a small working pressure within the first 10-20 seconds. You can choose different tamping objects according to the unused tamping objects. Apply work pressure.

4. How much force should be applied alternately in the case of tamping. First apply a mild tamping force, and then apply a slightly larger tamping force. Continuously replace it. Please do not tamper too much, beyond the bearing capacity.

In addition to the above, in addition to the use of machinery and equipment, please ensure that all pipelines are properly installed, and any pump oil routes are fully extended. Strengthening daily maintenance and reasonable application are indispensable elements to ensure the service life of the vibratory rammer. The above content can be helpful for your future use.