The problem of hydraulic pile driver system leakage

Many small partners will encounter the problem of leakage of the hydraulic pile driver system when applying the pile driver, which will cause great inconvenience to everyone. The following introduces the problems that should be paid attention to in the whole process of application.

The leakage factor of the hydraulic transmission system of the pile driver is the result of comprehensive interference in various aspects. There are some processes and materials, which cannot solve the leakage of the hydraulic transmission system in essence. Only considering the factors that interfere with the leakage of the hydraulic transmission system, adopt the Reasonable countermeasures should be taken to avoid leakage of the liquid pressure system as much as possible. In the formulation and production process, the main elements that interfere with leakage, the formulation and production and processing of sealing grooves, etc. should be fully considered.

In addition, the selection of sealing is also very important, otherwise the all-round leakage pointed out at first will cause immeasurable damage to the production and processing. Choose a reasonable installation and maintenance method and refer to previous work experience. For example, When installing the rubber ring, use common tools as much as possible and apply a little grease on the rubber ring. The hydraulic oil pollution control mechanism, we must start from the pollution source, strengthen the control of the pollution source, and also need to take corresponding countermeasures, overthinking and timely Oil quality inspection and other methods. Reasonable disconnection of external elements (water, dust) from contamination of the hydraulic cylinder can improve a little protective measures.

All in all, the prevention of leakage must be fully considered so that reasonable expectations can be achieved.