Introduction to common problems of hydraulic pile driver

The speed change pressure of small and medium-sized pile driver, boom, bucket and steering are all normal, but still can't move forward and backward

First, check whether there is little oil in the hydraulic pile driver gearbox or whether the oil inlet pipeline is blocked, and then check the gearbox engine oil pan and the filter element of the torque converter. There is damage in the overrunning clutch. If aluminum slag is found in the oil pan of the transmission engine and the filter element of the torque converter, it can be confirmed that there is damage in the torque converter. Now try to disassemble and inspect the transmission and torque converter. The damaged damage should be repaired or replaced. If the above reasons are eliminated, if the car still cannot drive, it can be determined that the anchor screw near the 2-speed prefabricated member in the gearbox is broken, or the intermediate shaft output transmission gear falls off, thereby pushing Power cannot be output.

Elimination method: The 8-shaped bearing end cover of the gearbox can be disassembled, the 2-speed prefabricated component can be taken out, and the broken anchor screws can be disassembled. The bolt material is 40Cr, and a heat treatment process is required. Can be replaced with ordinary anchor screws.

The first gear controller of the hydraulic pile driver is sleepy, and the gears of other cars are normal

The first thing to check is the pressure of the speedometer and whether there is decompression in the first gear position. If the pressure is below 98.1KPa, the first gear controller must be tired. The problem that causes this kind of situation is that the engine piston is scratched or damaged. If the pressure oil is too large, the pressure oil leaks too much, which makes the first gear controller tired; in addition, it may also be caused by the damage of the O-ring outside the first gear hydraulic cylinder, causing a lot of pressure oil leakage; if the common fault is the above If the problem is caused, be sure to lift the gearbox out, disassemble and replace the damaged engine piston and sealing ring; if the pressure gauge of the transmission does not decompress in the first gear position, it is very likely that the transmission lever is not adjusted in time, so that the first gear is controlled. If the gear is tired, adjust the shift lever again to make it reach the required position.

The engine works normally, the screw can not drive

First check the remaining oil limit switch valve of the hydraulic pile driver gearbox and the speed change pressure gauge. If you find that there is a lack of speed change torque oil, you should add new oil. But don't add too much, otherwise it will cause the speed change box to become hot, usually add to The limit switch valve discharges the oil. Then check whether the boom can take off and land and whether it has been turned. If the boom can take off and land, it can also be turned, but the small pile driver cannot drive, because the damage of the variable speed pump is less oil. Caused. The boom can't take off and land and can't be turned, and the loader can't drive. This is mostly caused by the bolts of the torque converter's steel plate connection, or the cracking of the elastic plate. Be sure to hoist the diesel engine and the gearbox together Then remove the connection part of the diesel engine of the torque converter, find out the damage location, and replace or repair the damage.