Reasons to choose a hydraulic wood grabber

Choose hydraulic wood grabber, cost-effective and labor-saving

The wide opening width and light weight are not only mainly reflected in the handover of iron rods, but also maximize the light-weight operation efficiency.

Infinite clockwise and counterclockwise 360 ​​rotations.

Specially designed slewing bearings for durability and larger cylinders for more power.

The check valve is embedded in the closed type from damage stronger safety factor stronger safety factor shock value.

Wear-resistant special solid steel is used and no additional reinforcement is required.

Hydraulic wood grabbers depend on the use of flexible options in the office environment and can manipulate the rotation speed.Versatile applications, including stone transfer, wood, rattan, pipe, disposable waste, landscaping works and many others. Its composition is as follows:

1 Hydraulic parts: excavator wood grabber, hydraulic pump, main control valve, hydraulic cylinder, final drive, travel motor, swing motor, etc.

2 Engine accessories: engine and fiber optic assemblies, pistons, piston rings, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, turbochargers, fuel injection pumps, starter motors and alternators, etc.

3 Chassis parts: rollers, carrier rollers, chain rails, track shoes, sprockets, idler and idler seat pads, coil adjusters, rubber tracks, etc.

4 Cab parts: cab assembly, wiring harness, display, controller, seat, door panel, etc.

5 Hydraulic wood grab welding parts: excavator bucket, ripper, grab bucket, clamshell, milling drive, extrusion bucket, bulldozer ripper assembly, blades, etc.