What are the concerns about the use of olecranon hydraulic shears?

The olecranon hydraulic shear is a very good emergency rescue machine and equipment. It adopts high-strength steel plates and airline wear-resistant alloy steel materials for its formulation, machining, manufacturing, heat treatment process and surface treatment. Toughness, large pressure, small volume, light net weight and many other advantages, and excavator hydraulic shears are a type of excavator attachments, which can cut all kinds of hard top alloy objects, but need to be used during the operation of machinery and equipment. Strictly implement the regulations, the following are the relevant application concerns that you have sorted out for you.

Before operating the olecranon hydraulic shears, ensure that irrelevant workers avoid the workplace to ensure the safety of operation, and check whether the dismantling object station contains hazardous, inflammable and explosive materials before operation to prevent the disassembly operation process. In the process of safety production accidents. When dividing trains, lifting equipment rails, and other hard alloys, the damage rate of cutting edges and excavator hydraulic shears must be increased. Therefore, before operation, it is necessary to clean up all external parts according to reasonable methods. All demolition work should not be carried out on the associated equipment prior to packaging.

If it is found that the mechanical equipment is operating abnormally during use, the power should be cut off immediately to carry out inspection, and all parts of the hand or the human body should not be stretched into other rotating parts to prevent accidents. Structure, characteristics, application principles, etc., each main part of the hydraulic shear should be inspected separately before work, so as to maintain the cleanliness of key points and their 4-week places, and the insulation of cables and wires is excellent. In addition, workers should also inspect the excavator every day. The blade of the hydraulic shears is sharp, if the blade is found to be dull, it should be replaced as soon as possible.