The heat treatment method of the drill bit by the silent breaker manufacturer

  silent breakerThe manufacturer introduced that when the facility needs to be demolished, there are many sites that are not suitable for demolition by means of human resources. Because the construction speed of human resources projects is relatively slow, it is very easy to cause potential safety hazards, which requires the use of mechanical equipment. Demolition. As a kind of mechanical equipment that can give reasonable crushing effect, the role of breaker in demolition construction is well known.

The difficulties faced by the use of silent breakers to chisel off engineering buildings cannot be ignored. The impact of the crushing reaction force on the drill bits is reflected in the process of using the drill bit to carry out the demolition. The cement structure and its hardened pavement will always be dismantled. In a site with too high compressive strength, if the compressive strength of the special tool is too small, it will easily cause the bending of the drill rod and affect its application. Therefore, we should improve the characteristics of the parts according to certain technologies. Reduce engineering construction losses. The heat treatment method of the drill bit by the breaker manufacturer is one of the effective measures.

Metal heat treatment is one of the key technologies in the manufacture of mechanical equipment. Compared with other manufacturing processes, the heat treatment method usually does not change the appearance and overall composition of the product workpiece, but only changes the microstructure of the internal structure of the product workpiece, or changes the surface of the workpiece. It is characterized by improving the internal quality of the product workpiece, which is usually not visible to the naked eye.

In the process of surface heat treatment of the drill, we should pay attention to selecting the appropriate heat treatment method according to the type of steel used to manufacture the drill rod. In the actual manufacturing process of special tools, we should pay attention to the steel The type of steel is carefully selected. Only by selecting the appropriate steel for manufacturing can the characteristics of the steel be well reflected, and the requirements of the heat treatment method are all based on the appropriate type of steel. The application in the actual site All are different, which is why it can be applied well in practical applications. Those factors are all more critical and all have a certain influence on the efficacy.