The difference between hydraulic pile driver and diesel hammer pile driver

1, soft roadbed adaptability

The impact force and impact working frequency of the hydraulic pile driver will not be disturbed by the recoil force of the roadbed, and the hydraulic pile hammer is completely controlled by the operator according to the electronic device program. The impact efficiency of the piling hammer is many times higher than that of the diesel hammer, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency, large kinetic energy, low hammer speed and small hammering ground stress.

Whether the diesel hammer can continue to work depends on the whole process of the combustion and explosion of diesel, and the completion of this process depends on the size of the recoil force of the subgrade against the hammer core. During the construction of soft foundation, it can not work continuously or even cause pile slipping.

2. Regional work adaptability

The hydraulic pile driver is equipped with a high-efficiency diesel engine or a motor-driven closed hammer body. The noise of the muffler can be less than 75dB, which can meet the needs of regional work. The diesel fuel is not fully burned, and a lot of smoke is discharged. The fuel explosion noise is higher than 100dB, which cannot be satisfied. Regional work.

3. Controllability and continuity of power

The hydraulic piling hammer program control is convenient and accurate for soft subgrade, and it can complete high-frequency continuous impact under low-stroke conditions.

Diesel hammers, especially soft subgrades that are difficult to control with low strokes, cannot complete continuous impact. It is unlikely to complete the pile group work.

4, energy usage

The application of full hydraulic power drive technology has an energy usage rate of more than 67 percent.

The high temperature and high pressure of the diesel hammer is not fully combusted, resulting in a lot of power loss, and the energy usage rate is only about 20 percent.

5, impact efficiency

Combined hammer technology, the impact efficiency of hydraulic hammer can reach 60% to 85% when the pile pressing technology is applied.

The change in hammer head rebound potential energy diesel hammer impact efficiency is only 25 percent 45 percent .

6. Adaptability of large-scale pile foundation projects

The quality of the hammer core can achieve strong adaptability to large-scale pile foundation projects of 100 tons or even higher. Especially the foundation construction of super high-rise buildings has strong adaptability.

Because the sledge hammer has obvious problems such as cooling, noise, pollution, control, etc., the quality of the hammer core should not exceed 16 tons. The adaptability is the same.

The basic functions that diesel hammers cannot perform due to their low adaptability, hydraulic piling machines have no problem at all, such as underwater piling work, inclined and even horizontal piling construction work.