How to choose excavator vibration compactor

  Excavator vibrating rammerThe actual machine mainly includes excavators, which can match 5-32 tons of excavators. So how to choose the following let Xiaobian help summarize:
(1) First of all, pay attention to whether its motor is imported, which is related to its use experience and service life;
(2) The range of the tamper plate, the larger the range of the tamper plate, the better, the larger the motor can not bear, it is very easy to increase the failure rate of the equipment, and the smaller it is easy to leak the motor to the outside, so the manufacturer should not be allowed to change the tamper plate casually when purchasing. scope;
(3) Is the rolling bearing in the main box imported? Centrifugal force is likely to cause steel balls to smash and slip off in China;
(4) Installation dimensional accuracy, there is an eccentric wheel in the main box of the vibrating rammer, and the rotation of the eccentric wheel should ensure that the coaxiality should not exceed 0.001mm, otherwise it is easy to get stuck and not start;
(5) The oil seal must be imported. The rotation of the eccentric wheel during work can easily cause the temperature of the coolant to rise, and the oil seal of poor quality is very prone to premature aging and oil leakage;
(6) Whether there is a control valve (also known as overflow valve) in the main box of the excavator vibrating rammer. The leading function of this valve is to protect the motor and protect the overpressure. In addition, the user thinks that the energy is slightly larger or smaller, and can be adjusted arbitrarily.