What should I do if the gear oil of the hydraulic pile driver heats up too fast?

What should I do if the gear oil of the hydraulic pile driver heats up too fast:

The temperature of the gear oil of the stabilized soil mixer rises too fast. If the ambient temperature exceeds 75 degrees Celsius, the rotor system of the motor will weaken and cannot achieve the required mixing depth. The over-temperature of the gear oil is caused by the leakage of the internal structure. How to detect it correctly Air leakage is the current problem. At this time, it is necessary to check the overall oil supply pressure of the rotor, and carry out fault detection with specific steps.

For closed systems, there are two ways of internal leakage. One is the high pressure oil seeping into the casing, such as the pump and the motor plunger pump, the clearance between the cylinders is out of tolerance or radial leakage occurs. The other is the high pressure chamber. Oil leaking into low pressure chamber. For example, high pressure relief valve leaking into low pressure chamber in switchboard or hydraulic pile driver in high and low pressure chambers.

2 is the type of internal structure leakage that is difficult to identify. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the ambient temperature inside the high-pressure safety valve of the soil layer thickener will heat the system. Because the motor rotor only rotates in the same direction, the high-pressure relief valve can be adjusted to remove Common faults of high pressure relief valve.

Because of the check valve between high pressure and low pressure, under normal circumstances, the arm of the stabilizer mixer will extend and the tailgate will open. After the engine is stopped, it is easy to make the motor rotor rotate towards the rotation direction of the motor rotor, but not vice versa. This function allows you to Manually flip the motor rotor to identify common faults. If it can be rotated in the opposite direction, it can be known that the ambient temperature of the stabilizer mixer gear oil has increased significantly, because the oil leaked from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure, and did not reach the rated pressure chamber.

The solution to the fast heating of the gear oil of the hydraulic pile driver, I hope it will help you!