What should we pay attention to when using electricity for hydraulic pile drivers?

The hot summer can't stop the development. Today, the hydraulic pile driver will share with you the safety issues that should be paid attention to when the pile driver is applied to the construction site. It has been very hot in recent days. Our communities and enterprises have turned on the air conditioners. Temporary work in the community.

When we apply switching power supply, we should set special power switch and electrical equipment for short-circuit fault and short-circuit fault maintenance of distribution box. Small hydraulic pile driver and high-voltage switch cabinet are installed and maintained. If we want to ensure night shift After the safety and sufficient lighting, their lighting tools must meet the specified specifications. Insulators cannot be used. In the event of a short-circuit fault and sudden power failure, employees must immediately withdraw from the office, and immediately prepare their own switching power supply and emergency lighting equipment in advance. Equipment to ensure safety. Highway piling machine.

The construction site of the hydraulic pile driver should use cables for electrical engineering laying. Because of the special safety requirements of the electric lines, the cables that are often moved should be installed in areas where the vehicles are not easy to roll, trample or hit the workpiece, and cannot be placed in the mud. Welders Disconnect the switching power supply at least once a week, check the damage of the outer layer of the cable, and properly deal with the problems found.