The difference between hydraulic pile driver and diesel hammer pile driver

1. Adaptability to soft roadbed

  hydraulic pile driverThe impact mechanical energy, the strike frequency will not be affected by the recoil force of the roadbed, and all the hydraulic piling hammers are controlled by the operator according to the electronic device system. The striking efficiency of piling hammer is many times higher than that of diesel hammer, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high mechanical energy, low hammer speed and small impact stress.

Whether the diesel hammer can continue to work depends on the whole process of diesel combustion and explosion, and the completion of this process is based on the recoil force of the pile on the hammer center based on the subgrade. During foundation construction, it is often not possible to run continuously or even slide piles.

2, Urban work adaptability

The hydraulic pile driver adopts a high-efficiency diesel engine or a motor-driven closed conical configuration. The noise of the muffler can be lower than 75dB, which can meet urban work with less and zero pollution. Incomplete combustion of diesel oil will emit a lot of smoke, and the noise of gasoline and diesel explosions is higher than 100dB, which is not possible. Meet City Jobs.

3, Energy controllability and continuity

The hydraulic piling hammer system is easy to control and accurate soft roadbed, and the low-stroke state can realize high-frequency continuous severe strikes. The whole process of replicating and promoting test piles under the same geographical conditions completes the work procedure of end-bearing piles.

However, the diesel hammer, especially the low-stroke control difficulty, is difficult to achieve continuous impact on the soft roadbed. It is impossible to complete the end-bearing pile program work.

4, energy efficiency

The development of full hydraulic electric drive technology has an energy utilization efficiency of more than 67 percent.

The discharge of the high-temperature, high-pressure, incompletely combusted mixture of the diesel hammer causes a lot of energy damage, and the energy utilization efficiency is only about 20 percent.

5, crack down on high efficiency

With the development of combined drill bit technology and pile pressing technology, the impact efficiency of hydraulic hammer can reach 60% to 85%.

The conversion of the rebound potential energy of the drill bit to the high efficiency of the diesel hammer is only 25 percent 45 percent .

6. Adaptability of large and medium-sized pile foundation projects

The hammer core quality of the hydraulic pile driver can be 100 tons or more, and the vitality of large and medium-sized pile foundation projects is tenacious. Especially the vitality of high-rise building foundation projects is tenacious.

Due to the risk problems of refrigeration, noise, pollution, and operation of the diesel hammer, the quality difference of the hammer center is generally more than 16 tons. The adaptability is average.

If the diesel hammer has low adaptability and is difficult to realize the function, the hydraulic pile driver has no problem at all, such as underwater piling work, inclined or even horizontal piling construction work, and the small hammer equipped with a special pile cap can have the pulling function.