Hydraulic pile driver manufacturer|Can the road pile driver be retractable?

Introduction of hydraulic pile driver manufacturers In this era, the prosperity of shopping has promoted the stable development of the logistics industry. Therefore, the important reason for the long delivery cycle in the near future should be classified as freight logistics. Because of various limitations, everyone cannot come back in time, although we It is not allowed to work overtime and stay overnight during manufacturing, which also makes many customers have great suggestions for us. Although our road piling machines are becoming more and more popular, most of the customers come from the recognition of our company and the popularity of our road piling machines. Praise. It can be said that this kind of damage is very big for us.

Secondly, the new regulations on hydraulic pile drivers have increased our logistics costs, and consumers have a lot of suggestions for us. Although we can't fix or change it, most customers are unwilling to pay a lot of money for it.

In fact, we all know that the high part of the road pile driver is a part of the structure. Although the upper slider can be stretched, its relative height is still more than 5cm. After understanding this, our team has improved the telescopic part of the upper slider , can now be delivered normally.

Last year, a customer asked us if we could stretch this road piling machine. In fact, some positions can be stretched, but it is impossible to stretch the whole machine. Even if it can be stretched, it will not achieve good results, and even affect normal use and Life.

The hydraulic pile driver manufacturer introduced the problem of whether the road pile driver can be folded, and it still needs a process of development.