Why does hydraulic pile driver have oil discoloration

During the entire use of hydraulic pile drivers, due to the stress and friction of mechanical parts, common failures of varying degrees often occur. As a necessary material for pile driver applications, wheel oil is also very common. After a period of use , you will find that the color of the hydraulic cylinder will change. At first it is dark blue, blue purple, or even gray black.

The discoloration of this kind of oil is that the surface of the hydraulic cylinder is covered with a layer of colored film, which has no effect on the pile driver and the hydraulic cylinder itself. Today, the editor of 8da Machinery will explain to you the color change of the hydraulic pile driver oil. for the sake of

hydraulic pile driver

According to the color change, the cause of the color loss can be roughly analyzed. The reason for the blue color is that the additives in the oil seal and gear oil are absorbed under continuous high temperature; the black is due to the wear-resistant sleeve of the connecting rod of the hydraulic cylinder Caused by the absorption of lead additives in sprayed materials.

Because we are worried about the oil quality of the hydraulic pile driver, we will have some wrong ideas. If the oil turns black, it means that the lubricating oil has undergone a qualitative change. Today's gear oil has improved some additives. Therefore, when we distinguish whether the lubricating oil has When there is a qualitative change, we cannot distinguish it. Comprehensive analysis should be strengthened. In any case, the inspection of the oil should be strengthened to ensure that the oil is replaced according to the quality.