Types and principles of hydraulic pile drivers

Large vibratory hydraulic pile drivers are mostly divided into four types: large vibratory hydraulic pile drivers, large vibratory hydraulic pile drivers, large vibratory hydraulic pile drivers, steam hammers, large vibratory hydraulic pile drivers, diesel hammers, and large vibratory hydraulic pile drivers. The working principle of each type is the same.

Large-scale vibratory hydraulic pile driver is a multi-purpose highway guardrail steel pipe pile construction machine. Driven by oil pressure, the hydraulic pressure can be adjusted according to the soil quality of the stratum, so as to achieve moderate impact force for piling. It is a new type of large-scale vibratory hydraulic pile driver. Pile driver. According to different configurations, steel pipe piles can be driven in, pulled out, or piled after drilling holes on the roadbed and stable layer.

Large-scale vibration hydraulic pile driver with drop hammer is a kind of pile sinking equipment. It has the advantages of simple design, convenient assembly and transportation, large impact force and stable quality. The piling is driven by the free fall of the frame. All of them use electric power, so there is no need to buy expensive diesel power.

The steam hammer large vibrating hydraulic pile driver consists of a pile hammer consisting of a hammer head and a hammer seat. It is driven by steam or compressed air. There are two types of single-action steam hammer and double-action steam hammer. Driven by steam or compressed air, there are single-action steam hammers. There are two types of air hammer and double-action air hammer. The single-action air hammer uses a plunger or cylinder as the hammer head, and the steam drives the hammer head up, and then it falls along the guide rod of the hammer seat to drive the pile.

The main body of the diesel hammer large vibratory hydraulic pile driver is also composed of a cylinder and a plunger. The cylinder type diesel hammer uses the cylinder as the hammer seat, and is guided by the extended inner wall of the cylinder, eliminating the need for two guide rods. The plunger is the hammer seat. The head can move up and down from the cylinder. Its principle is similar to that of a single-cylinder 2-stroke diesel engine. The hammer seat of the diesel hammer is equipped with a fuel injection pump, fuel tank, cooling water tank and pile cap. An elastic column is used for the movable gap between the plunger and the cylinder. Plug ring seal.