Maintenance management mode of hydraulic pile driver

The maintenance and repair of hydraulic pile drivers is very important in the use of the system. Because the application of the machine is controlled by the construction team, it is often repaired and maintained, which is beneficial to the safety of the construction team and increases the service life of the machine equipment.

Improve the maintenance and management methods of hydraulic pile driver equipment, and improve the operation and maintenance of pile driver equipment. Under the original environment, the company attaches great importance to equipment operation, the shaping of the comprehensive quality of maintenance workers' professional skills, and constantly improves maintenance and civilized production rules and regulations, including 3 levels of maintenance, point inspection, shift inspection, maintenance, patrol inspection and shift change. Each different business needs to formulate maintenance theory, industry characteristics, characteristics of machinery and equipment, working environment and the role of equipment in coal production. Maintenance decision-making, improve the management system of machinery and equipment, and strictly abide by it; choose the maintenance method that suits you, including after-the-fact maintenance, preventive maintenance, planned pre-maintenance and condition-based maintenance, and gradually improve the innovative model of scientific maintenance management with characteristics.

hydraulic pile driver

The operation and maintenance is based on the equipment operation manual and the mechanical operation file data as the carrier, and the maintenance is established according to the service life of the spare parts, the mechanical operation file is collected and sorted, and the monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance plan is formulated in combination with the equipment operation manual .

Green maintenance is a modern maintenance method that combines environmental impact and resource development. The main purpose is to maintain the normal operation of the hydraulic pile driver and achieve the overall goal of sustainable development, that is, to maintain the normal operation of the machine and reduce maintenance waste and harmful emissions. It means that the adverse impact on the natural environment is small, the work of maintenance staff is improved, and the efficiency of network resource usage is improved.