Precautions for hydraulic pile driver operation

1. Operators of hydraulic pile drivers need to be trained in Shandong to master the structure, basic principles, operation, control and maintenance methods of the pile drivers they control. And they can operate with a work permit.

2. The power system, hoist, hydraulic control valve, electrical equipment, etc. equipped with the pile driver should be controlled according to its operating procedures.

3, The coal in the electrical fault of the pile driver shall be solved by the electrician.

4. The test run, assembly, disassembly and hauling of the pile driver should strictly abide by the relevant regulations.

5. In case of severe weather such as thunder, rain, snow, fog and wind above level 6, the operation should be suspended. When the wind force exceeds level 7 or there is a strong typhoon warning, the pile driver should first stop with the wind direction. If necessary, first The frame is put down. The pile driver is protected by lightning protection. In case of lightning, the staff need to avoid pile driving.

6. Before operation, it should be run dry first, and it can only be operated after confirming that the sh10 of each part is in normal state.

7. If the hydraulic pile driver uses a pile clamp, the pile must be clamped first before operation. Do not loosen the pile clamp during work. When pausing work, first suspend the vibration of the vibratory hammer, and then loosen the pile clamp.

8. When assembling the vibratory hammer, the vibratory hammer must be transported within 2mm directly in front of the pile frame.

9. The pile driver walks and turns, and has special command for the pile position.

10. The rotary braking of the pile driver should be slow, and the continuous operation in the same direction should be less than one week.

11. Operations such as hoisting vibratory hammers, hoisting materials, hoisting piles, walking and turning, etc., it is forbidden to perform multiple operations simultaneously.

12. It is strictly forbidden to overload the elevator.

13. Operators are not allowed to leave work without authorization.

14. The hydraulic pile driver should be shut down immediately for maintenance if the following conditions occur

①There are parts peeling off on the columns and diagonal braces.

② The fastening bolts of the vibratory hammer motor are loose, the guiding equipment is loose, there is impact sound in the vibrator, the bearing temperature is too high, and the connecting bolts between the vibratory hammer and piles or other equipment are loose.

③ Electrical equipment, hydraulic control valve failure.

15. If the amplitude of the vibratory hammer shock-absorbing beam is too large for a long time, it should be shut down to find out the reason.

16. It is necessary to correct the verticality of the pile in time when sinking the pile. After the pile is 3m into the soil, it is forbidden to use the pile driver to walk or turn to correct the verticality of the pile.

17. The hydraulic pile driver can not adjust the left and right tilting pile frame columns. When adjusting the front and rear tilting of the column, the left and right diagonal braces should be driven at the same time.