Frequently asked questions about the actual operation of hydraulic steel grabbers

Frequently asked questions about the actual operation of hydraulic steel grabbers

The hydraulic steel grabbing machine is a very important industrial equipment in the iron and steel industry. What are the operating standards of the steel grabbing machine:

1. The operating staff have passed the training to meet the standards and are licensed to work. Apprentices must be led by them and must not operate at will.

2. It is strictly forbidden for operators to work after drinking.

3. Office places should avoid high-voltage wires to prevent electric shock.

4. Do not enter the steel grabbing machine for half-time. When the engine is started and the equipment is moved or rotated, the horn will sound for a long time to give a warning.

5. The hydraulic steel grabber needs to run on flat ground. It is not allowed to work on slopes or difficult ground.

6. It is strictly forbidden to carry people, only the driver can run on the machine. When grabbing the steel machine up and down, carry out the handrails and outriggers, and do not jump up and down.

7. Keep a certain distance from the overturning component to prevent the impact of being involved in the overturning component.

8. When getting out of the car cab, grab the grab bucket of the steel machine and throw it on the ground, and at the same time disconnect the electrical switch to prevent misoperation from hurting others.

9. During the loading process, the grab bucket of the steel grabbing machine should be kept in good condition to prevent shaking.

10. When loading and unloading waste residue, you should be aware of the surrounding environment. When someone is working nearby, it is recommended that you continue to work after the person leaves.

11. Clean up the steel grabbing machine on time, all the vegetable grease, debris and garbage in the steel grabbing machine to prevent damage to the equipment.

12. Do a good job in the usual car maintenance of the hydraulic steel grabbing machine.