What are the places where the silent breaker is used?

The silent breaker has become a key operating tool for hydraulic excavators, and some people assemble the hydraulic breaker on a 2-head busy or wheel loader to achieve crushing operations. This makes the use of the breaker particularly numerous.

Application place of hydraulic breaker

1. Mine mining: mountain splitting, mining, grid sieve crushing, secondary crushing

2. Metallurgical industry: ladle, slag removal, dismantling of furnace body, dismantling of equipment foundation

3. Railway line: mountain splitting, tunnel construction excavation, road and bridge demolition, foundation compaction

4. Highway: highway repair with silent breaker, concrete ground crushing, basic excavation

5. Municipal engineering garden landscape: concrete crushing, water, electricity, gas engineering construction, old city renovation

6. Construction: Demolition of old buildings, crushing of reinforced concrete

7. Ship: Hull removal, derusting

8, Others: breaking ice, breaking permafrost, sand vibration

Although the scope of application of silent breakers is very wide, the utilization rate of Chinese manufacturers in the market is still very low, and most of the market is occupied by equipment from Japan, South Korea and Germany. Manufacturing, advancing with the times, grabbing back the market in our country, and exporting to foreign countries.