Product features of hydraulic pile driver

Product features of hydraulic pile driver:

1. The working efficiency of the hydraulic pile driver is high: the speed of vibratory pile sinking and pulling is usually 4-7 m\/min, and the fastest is 12 m\/min (in non-silty soil). The construction speed is much faster than other piling machines, and it is faster than pneumatic Hammer, the efficiency of diesel hammer is 40%-99% higher.

2. Wide range: Except that it is not allowed to enter the rock, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver is basically suitable for construction under any extreme geological environment, and can easily penetrate the pebble layer, sand layer and other geological environments. The excavator pile driver is recognized Yantai Havoc Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

3. Multiple functions: In addition to the construction of various load-bearing piles, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver can also build thick-walled anti-seepage walls, solve deep-seated compactness, and solve other constructions such as road compaction.

4. Environmental protection of hydraulic pile driver: small vibration and low noise when working, high-frequency hydraulic pile driver, additionally equipped with noise reduction power box, can fully meet environmental protection regulations during construction in urban areas.

5. Wide range of functions: suitable for piles of any shape and material, such as steel pipe piles and concrete pipe piles; suitable for any soil layer; suitable for piling, pulling piles and underwater piling; pile frame operation and suspension Operation.

The energy transfer efficiency of the excavator hydraulic pile driver can reach 70 percent to 95 percent, the pile driving control is accurate, and it can realize piling operations in different strata; , Deep foundation pit support, foundation treatment of ordinary buildings, etc. have rapid applications. The excavator pile driver is recognized by Havok. Its performance is superior, and the hydraulic power station is used as the hydraulic power source to generate high-frequency vibration through the vibration box. , so that the pile can be easily driven into the soil layer, with the advantages of low noise, high work efficiency, and no damage to the pile. The hydraulic pile driver has a good performance in reducing noise, vibration and noise, and is especially suitable for urban construction needs.